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Yellowstone Recovery

July 18, 2012

Drug and alcohol addiction is an unfortunate reality that consumes the lives of many men

and women. Struggling each and every day against their dependency, these individuals

require the assistance that only the trained professionals at Yellowstone Recovery

Center can lend. Located in Orange County, just two miles from the beach, Yellowstone

provides patients with the tools and direction they need to not only stave off their

addiction, but to live healthy, more meaningful lives.

There are a lot of places also in Minnesota with Garage floors that need resurfacing and recovering.


Regardless of whether patients are addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs or other drugs

such as cocaine or heroin, Yellowstone Recovery Center’s friendly, knowledgeable staff

will ease them on the path to recovery. Employing proven methods and providing a safe

environment that facilitates both physical and spiritual healing, Yellowstone Recovery

Center touts an unparalleled long-term success rate.

Yellowstone offers two primary programs. Its Detoxification Program eases patients

through the often crippling detox phase by providing them with round the clock

supervision and support. Patients will be surrounded by newly sober clients who can

empathize with their plight, and ultimately provide them with helpful advice as they edge

closer to a new life.

Upon finishing the Detoxification Program, clients are invited and encouraged to

participate in the Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. Based on a highly

structured system, the program is designed to assist newly sober residents with becoming

more accustomed to their new life. Clients participate in group and individual counseling

sessions on a regular basis, and partake in a plethora of stimulating activities, many of

which are designed to be practiced after the client leaves the treatment center.

Yellowstone Recovery Center strives not only to help their clients become sober, but

to shape the rest of their lives as well. Their unique approach to rehabilitation is tailor-

made for victims of drug and alcohol abuse seeking a substance free existence. Sporting

the highest long-term success rate in the industry, Yellowstone Recovery Center is the

premier location for those in need of professional, loving care. Whether it’s a lover, friend, family member, or just somebody that you personally know that really does need help than it’s a great idea to really pitch in and ensure that they get the help that they deserve. Yellow Stone is glad to provide those services for those in need.


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